All my life, I read books printed on paper. In my childhood my favorites were the books written by Agatha Christie. Try to resolve a crime always pulls me in. I read almost a book per month. So, I was growing up and my taste was changing a little bit. At college, I had to read dozens of technical books: calculus, electronics circuits, programming languages an so on. When I get back to the fictional books, kindle was already a reality but I was kind of resistant to e-reader because the lack of extra-reading interactivity with the book. With paper printed books you can feel the weight, the smell, paper texture, use customized bookmarks. In the other hand, on e-readers you can carry with you almost a library; It is easier to turn pages, mark and share some snippets and even find the definition to the words that you don’t know the meaning. So I give a try to kindle and fall in love for it. Nowadays, even without any payment from Amazon, I became an advertiser of its e-reader because it truly change my lecture habits in a good way.

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