This is a little text that I wrote in my english class. Putting down here because a friend asks me.

Brazil is known as a multi-cultural country and that mix of influences make our own culture be rich. There is a group called Barbatuques which perform a musical act where the main component is rhythm. They play a bunch of instruments that they created themselves. Barrel, waste cover, broomstick, wheel and a lot of recycled materials are utilized to produce their instruments and compose their unique show. Music excite us and rhythm incites us to dance. So, in the whole presentation you fell the need to interact with the performers, dancing, singing or playing on anything in front you. The whole show is cover by light effect that helps to create ambiance and puts the audience IN the show. It is an universal spectacle. Since toddler to the old people can watch it and enjoy each moment. One thing is certain, everyone go to home trying to reproduce something that was listened to the show. It’s absolutely exciting and restorer.

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